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High precision: Cutting precision up to ±5μm. Most stable and precise V (linear optional) guide and ball screws from the top manufacturer; solid casting frame to ensure the consistence and durability.

Fine Surface Finishing: Ra≤1.0μm without defects (cut once and refine twice). Multiple cutting function: Available to perform multiple cutting.

High efficiency: Cutting efficiency over 400mm²/min. The unique impulse power supply makes less worn-out or broken of wire.

Simple & Safety: Multi-function fixtures make it easier for parts with different profile. Less change over.
Modular designed power and control system makes the operation and maintenance much easier with better consistence than similar machines. UVXY steering control.

Innovated Technology

Patent intelligent high frequency power. “Closed Loop Nanosecond Electroless HF Control System” is the only one in China. The electricity current controlled up to 0.01A and the single max current is 24A.

 “Closed Loop Track Control System”. Grating ruler with 1um resolution assists the Posittec BSG Nanosecond feeding system. Track control precision up to ±2um.


· Resin cast machine body, steel HT250. Twice anneal for better durability.

· Main axis driven by combined motor.

· Equipped with BSGXP designing and controlling software, WINDOWS XP based system, Plug-in supported, can be integrated with most designing software.

· Data exchange and remote control supported.

· Accurate digital high frequency power, notch impulse, improves the cutting efficiency and reduces wire consumption.

· Power and driving system with patent makes it possible for high-speed cutting and revising.

· Newly designed control handle    Electrical control handle makes it quick shift, position and speed changes.

· Unique design of Z axis without rail    Up & down without steps. High precision positioning. Up & down easily in process without any impact or stop on performance even. 

· Unique water shelter design    Nice looking and easy operation. 

· X/Y equipped with super precision V (linear optional) guide    P3 grade high precision ball screw guide. Its precision is much higher than any other similar machines.

· Dual sides wire tensioner with consistent tension    Keep the tension all the process.  Complete prevent the poor roughness problem.

· The taper is equipment with stronger linear guide which makes the cutting more accurate and reliable. 

· High pressure multi screen system Designed with similar logic as slow speed WEDM. Three divisions in the water tank. Polluted water enters the first division for subside the third division. It separated the polluted water from the clean water. It saves water and environment. 

· Water-proof guide wheel with patent design      Easier wiring and keep consistent precision.

· Similar diamond guide as in slow speed WEDM       Prevent wire from vibration.

· Wire drum is controlled with touch-free switches and AC frequency adaptor. 

    1)  Main machine

    Taper Device integrated with Wire Support, driven by step motor and move in the directions of U, V axis 

    Balanced Wire Support construction and dual-side consistent Wire Tension Mechanism for consistent wire cutting. Shorter travel and consistent tension on wire lead to steady wire cutting quality.

    Working table with T-shaped trench. Flexible for any fixture.

    Wearing resistance wire drum; Photoelectric Proximity Switch for directions shifting. Ensure cutting precision and surface finishing.

    Machine Body is resin cast HT250, twice annealing to ensure durability. Consistent performance.

    Precision V (Linear optional) Guide and Ball Screw, fully support to X,Y axis within travelling.


    Standard Configuration


    2)  Controller


    Controller LayoutThe basic framework of the BSG controller uses professional profiles and specialized connectors fasteners with the technology from Sweden. The controller has both stylish appearance and logical layout inside to control the effect of electromagnetic compatibility and heat dissipation. The controller has been aged in high temperature before delivery to ensure durability.


    Computer and MonitorIndustrial computer with excellent performance, P4 or above, Internet Supported, LCD Color Monitor.


    High Frequency Power and the Internal CircuitDigital high frequency power, the power generator is controlled by BSGXP software, which can improve the precision and the stability of the pulse signal and reduce the probability of the high frequency power failure, improve machining efficiency and the work piece quality Max Current 14A, cutting efficiency 400mm2/min,surface roughness up to 0.5um. The modular design concept is used in the internal wiring, which can reduce the risk of failure and make the maintenance easier.


    The Control SystemBSGXP software. Operating platform is Windows XP, which enable it to connect to various kinds of software such as AOTOCAD. The machine has optimizing database and the function of multi-cutting, the operator can choose different combination according to the process requirements.


    3)  Cooling System

    New Style of 4 Tiers Filtration Tank: Tier 1: filter cotton; Tier 2: copper mesh; Tier 3: metal mesh; Tier 4: 10um paper cone filter. It can extend working solution life time and improve both working solution cleanliness and residue discharge capacity. It will save cost and improve work piece smooth finish (Using water based working solution is more friendly to operators and environment). The capacity of the tank is 80L.

    The Cooling PumpImported booster pump which ensure stable operation.



    The Wire Cutting EDM uses a single-strand metal wire (Moly or Tungsten Moly) as one tool electrode and work-piece as the other, with a dielectric liquid separated them. Under the high frequency impulse power, electrical discharge happens between the tool electrode and the work-piece. This electric spark produces intense heat with high temperatures, melting the work-piece. As the machine table travels in the direction of X-Y and U-V, the spark jumps across the gap in the pre-setup direction, material is removed from the work-piece and the profile is completed.

    The machine is well designed in with Ergonomics and modern construction. It is easy to be operated with super performance. The machine with stronger body and stability carries heavier work-piece. The lower cutting force and higher safety protection make the machine welcomed by operators. It can be used for any metal moulds, samples or parts with complicated profiles, which requires high precision, hardness and toughness. It is the best tool for the processing of stamping, extruding or injection mold, plastic mould, hob cutter, precision parts (including parts with big taper, equal or unequal taper, different profile upper and lower end), heavy load and thickness mould.

    The machine is widely used in mould, electronic device, precision machinery, automobile components and military industry.

    The large taper devices increase the processing capacity of mould and die for different products, which includes but not limited to extruded plastic or aluminum profile for window frame, auto parts, framework of television and washing machine.




    BSGXP Boot Screen


    BSGXP Control UI


    BSGXP Programming UI


    BSGXP Professional Database


    Plug-in for AUTOCAD

    BSGXP Intelligent software, which integrates the program and control and based on Windows XP. This new designed BSGXP software is the unique software for WEDM running on Windows XP. 

    1. Using the PCI slot controller card and the High-tech Industrial computer, which has increased the stability of control and reduced the computer failure rate. 

    2. To achieve a fast and convenient computer communication network, through network technology, graphics, data and program transmission, can be directly controlled by the technical design department since the first establishment of a program 

    3. Embedded Control system can be smoothly connected with many design software such as AUTOCAD & etc. 

    4. The search function of mechanical origin enable the transmission screw pitch compensation, in order to greatly improve the positioning accuracy, especially in Servo control system.

    5. With a large storage capacity database, accumulated from many experiences. User can choose the suitable parameter according to deferent working conditions. Users can adjust machining parameters to establish a database at any time according to their own experience 

    6. The parameters of pulse power is directly controlled by the software , so as to not only improve anti-jamming capability in pulse power output, but also increase the roughness of work piece and reduce the loss of molybdenum wire .

    7. Pulse power of the control parameters directly from the software to control and improve the ability of pulsed power output of the interference, thereby increasing the roughness of work piece, reducing the loss of molybdenum wire, you can choose a variety of pulse waveforms for a variety of processing conditions, improve the cutting ability of the work piece.


    BSGXP Software basic function

    1. Coordinate system: absolute coordinate, incremental coordinate (relative coordinate)

    2. Functions of coordinate transforming, zoom in and zoom out, rotating and tracking display in real time

    3. Functions of interpolation of straight line and circular arc.

    4. Function of taper processing

    5. Function of processing different top and bottom shape

    6. Functions of short circuit and wire-break handling

    7. Functions of memorizing when power was cut and auto-stop after processing

    8. Functions of auto-edge position and auto-centering

    9. Function of auto-adding transitional arc (Arbitrary angle)

    10. Function of processing backward

    11. Functions of menu technology and auto-programming;

    12. Data transmission functions of multi-cutting


    CNC System Configuration and Performances

    1. CNC hardware  
    strial PC:  4 Cores CPU;   1.8G RAM;   2GB DDR3;  15″ LCD color display;   USB and INTERNET

    2. CNC software and operating platform: 
    CNC Auto-program and control function  
    The operating platform is Windows XP 

    3. CNC system technical performance:
    CNC 4 axes simultaneously control;
    Function of processing different top and bottom abnormities parts

    4. CNC system working environment:
    The voltage: 3-phase 380V± (1%-10%), 50Hz (customizing accepted)
    Relative humidity: 40%~80%
    Cleaning environment, the dust with active gas and precipitation is not allowed; make sure there are no machines making much dust while working.
    No vibration source, no electromagnetic wave source within the range of 20m 





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