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About us


Suzhou Posittec CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures wire-cut EDM machines (high speed, middle speed and low speed) as well as EDM small hole drillers,sinking EDM and CNC milling. The innovated technology makes us totally different from the other similar manufacturers. Same quality as global well-known brand but 50% cost. 

We are located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province in China. The founders have a unique combination of knowledge in the wire-cutting EDM area together with more than 30 years of management experience from the manufacturing industry around the world.
We have combined the state-of-art technologies in programming, machining, and inspection with an unwavering focus on service and quality.
This enables us to provide the customers with very competitive solutions and to build long term relationships as a reliable partner.
We believed that to stay successful , we need to listen very closely to our customers, develop our technology, always strive to improve, and be willing to quickly move into new application areas.
The soul of the company is their people and we are constantly hiring and training good people.
We recognize the importance of managing quality and ethics in a sustainable and responsible manner.
Use our expertise – not just our products.

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