SubmicronWire Cut EDM (WJM)


Product in details

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·  High precision: Cutting precision up to ±0.001mm. Most stable and precise linear guide and ball screws from the top manufacturer; solid casting frame to ensure the consistence and durability.

·  Fine Surface Finishing: Ra≤0.3μm without defects. Multiple cutting function: Available to perform refine cutting.

·  Simple & Safety: Multi-function fixtures make it easier for parts with different profile. Less change over. That not only protect operators but also cut down operation cost.

·  Low investment & operation cost: Machine built with 100% quality and 50% cost compared to any machines from worldwide manufacturers. 

Innovated Technology

·  Patent intelligent high frequency power. “Closed Loop Nanosecond Electroless HF Control System” is the only one in China. The min pulse width 7 nanosecond, electricity current controlled up to 0.01A and the single max current is 1600A.

· Closed Loop Track Control System”. Grating ruler with 1um resolution assists the Posittec BSG Nanosecond feeding system. Track control precision up to ±0.002mm.

·  Wire Winding System without conductive block”. Conductive block removed from wire support frame and therefore it eliminates the friction between wire and conductive block. Hence no vibration or tension problem with wire and the winding is more steady and less wear out. Wire tension will be consistent from start to end.

·  Integrated Wire Guiding System and Floating Spray Nuzzle System”. It makes the close contact processing and wire walk through easier. Wire is enclosed by sprayed solution all the time. The volume of sprayed solution are accurately controlled from both upper and lower .

Construction & Design

·  Resin cast machine body with unique design “Y axis travels up and X axis travels down”. It suits well for short travelling in high precision molds cutting.

·  XY axis with direct driven, together with light weight high tensile machine body, enables servo motor responses faster.

·  Wire thickness auto compensation design The brass wire turns to be thinner as time goes and may lead to the workpiece upper side bigger and lower side smaller. With the auto compensation system, it will well prevent this problem. Meanwhile, the wire feeding will be slower and less wire consumed to save cost.

·  Reliable and automatic wiring system.  AC servo driven wire tensioner provides consistent tension in process, both direction wire feeding as well as precise length control.   Regardless of wire diameter, the automatic wire trimming system will allow the wire to be sharp and straight all the time, which will guarantee the wiring success. The discarded wire will be removed through the device with high pressure air and electric roller in any case.  

·  Corner processed with radius.  The controller will calculate and guide the wire to cut the perfect radius at corner as per the combined data of wire diameter, corner angle, radius and workpiece thickness. During that process, the wire cutting will keep the efficiency. That is even more outstanding and guaranteed quality in case of multiple corners within a short distance.  

·  High efficiency    The compact chip (CI) allows more direct and simple routes of power and signal. This will prevent the loss of power during transmission to each point. Therefore, the efficiency would be improved.

·  Five axis motion control      The five axis will be controlled simultaneously to achieve a sphere surface. The controller is built for IP68 to enable the long time processing in the water and ensure the cutting quality and efficiency. 

Closed-loop Flowchart

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Posittec II Power Supply with Nanosecond Grade 400mm²/Min HF + Refine Cutting

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The Wire Cutting EDM uses a single-strand metal wire (Moly or Tungsten Moly) as one tool electrode and work-piece as the other, with a dielectric liquid separated them. Under the high frequency impulse power, electrical discharge happens between the tool electrode and the work-piece. This electric spark produces intense heat with high temperatures, melting the work-piece. As the machine table travels in the direction of X-Y and U-V, the spark jumps across the gap in the pre-setup direction, material is removed from the work-piece and the profile is completed.

The machine is well designed in with Ergonomics and modern construction. It is easy to be operated with super performance. The machine with stronger body and stability carries heavier work-piece. The lower cutting force and higher safety protection make the machine welcomed by operators. It can be used for any metal moulds, samples or parts with complicated profiles, which requires high precision, hardness and toughness. It is the best tool for the processing of stamping, extruding or injection mold, plastic mould, hob cutter, precision parts (including parts with big taper, equal or unequal taper, different profile upper and lower end), heavy load and thickness mould.

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The machine is widely used in mould, electronic device, precision machinery, automobile components and military industry.

The large taper devices increase the processing capacity of mould and die for different products, which includes but not limited to extruded plastic or aluminum profile for window frame, auto parts, framework of television and washing machine.

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Key components & parameters

Parameter Unit WJM5
Control system   BSG-XP
Max loading on working  kg 350
Working table  dimension(length / width) mm 850×600
X axis stroke mm 500
Y axis stroke mm 300
Z axis stroke mm 220
Auxiliary axis moving distance(U*V) mm 60×60
Standard cutting taper degree/mm ±15°/80mm
Electrode wire diameter range mm 0.08~0.3
Multi-knife cutting accuracy mm ±0.002
Positioning accuracy mm ±0.001
Repetitive positioning accuracy mm ±0.001
Optimum surface roughness μm Ra≦0.2
Machine tool (All-in-one) dimensions (W/L/H) mm 2600×2750×1900
Total electrical capacity KAV 5.7
Machine weight  kg ≈2100